Study Plan

Learn more about how your child will study on the eTaalib Platform!

The eTaalib platform allows learners flexibility in their studies by being able to access the platform at any time and from any location around the world. 

Learners work independently and at their own pace through eTaalib’s tailor-made learning resources, which have been designed with the Muslim learner in mind. 

Aside from having access to the materials on the platform, eTaaiib’s learners can be further guided through their studies by eTaalib’s team of qualified educators.

With the eTaalib study plan, learning from home has never been easier!


Subject Structure


The days of homeschooling parents struggling to structure their child’s education are over! 

At eTaalib we have kept a simple and consistent subject structure for all the subjects that are offered on the platform. All of our curricula have been designed by educational specialists and promote a scaffolded approach to learning.

Every subject consists of nine units and within every unit there is at least one animated video, which outlines the core information that the child would be expected to acquire by the end of the unit. In embracing the repetitive teaching method, this information is  further reinforced and practiced upon by the learner through a range of exercises and activities that are available as either printable worksheets or online interactive tasks.

At the end of every unit, learners will be assessed on what they have learnt through an online progress quiz. We will further discuss this quiz, as well as the other assessments in the ‘Assessments’ section below. 


Animated Video

Access to custom created animated videos for each unit on the eTaalib platform.


Interactive Activities

Fun and engaging Interactive Activities that ensure the learner enjoys their educational experience.


Printable Worksheets

Reduce screen time with eTaalib’s custom designed Printable Worksheets.


Progress Quizzes

Progress Quizzes at the end of every unit to ensure the learner is comprehending the material.


We promote learning as being fun on the eTaalib platform and do not wish that our learners feel pressurised by any assessments. However,  we also understand the need for parents to be able to monitor their child’s progression and be content with the knowledge that their child is comprehending the material that they are consuming. 

In an attempt to cater for both of these expectations, we use a variety of assessment types for each subject:

– Progress Quizzes: These are quizzes administered at the end of every unit. These quizzes are limited to the content of the unit and the majority of the questions will be positioned towards meeting the minimum learning outcomes. Therefore, it is anticipated that the majority of students should pass these quizzes and progress to the next unit. 

If a child is struggling at this stage, it indicates that they need some extra attention in regards to the content for that particular unit and may need to acquire a tutor who could assign them additional material to facilitate their understanding. Additionally, the content for the next unit will be locked for that student until the eTaalib support team are confident that they have comprehended the material from the previous unit.

 – Mid Term Quizzes: The mid term quizzes are slightly more comprehensive than the progress quizzes and are administered at the end of every three units. Therefore, over the course of the academic year, there will be three mid term quizzes in total. Additionally, a greater percentage of questions for the mid term quiz will be positioned towards meeting the slightly more advanced learning outcomes. Based on a learner’s performance in these quizzes, further tasks maybe assigned or reassigned to the learner.

– End of Year Quiz: The end of year quiz will encompass all the units for the academic year. As this is the final assessment for the academic year, the questions for this quiz will be a mixture of those found in the progress quizzes and the mid term quizzes.  At eTaalib, we wish to further encourage our learners by allowing them the possibility to achieve higher marks, alongside being able to provide parents with a realistic understanding of their child’s current academic level. 


Teacher-Student Interaction


One-to-One Sessions

Dedicated Tutors providing a personalised learning experience for eTaalib learners.


eTaalib Connect

A direct communication channel between the tutor and parent/learner.

 One-to-One Sessions

 All children who have registered on the eTaalib platform have the option to add dedicated platform tutors or subject-specific tutors to their package and  extract maximum value from the platform. 

After registering for our tuition services, we will contact you and request that you provide us with your preferred time slots for each of these sessions. We will endeavour to facilitate all of these requests. 

  eTaalib Connect 

eTaalib Connect is our own dedicated communication channel that allows for communication between parent/guardian and/or student, with our subject specialist tutors.

By registering to eTaalib Connect, users have the opportunity to raise questions/concerns around the learning materials on the platform to subject specialists. This a vital tool for parents/guardians who may not be familiar with much of the course content and need additional support when homeschooling.

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