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eTaalib provides parents with the ability to select our comprehensive package or build their own package based on their preferences and ensuring that they are able to choose the best option that suits their children’s educational needs.  

Our packages have been designed to offer maximum flexibility and cater not only for parent’s who are solely homeschooling their children, but also  those who wish to provide their children with a supplementary learning tool.

Subjects centred around our Islamic Curriculum are perfect for parents whose children are currently in full time education, as it provides them the opportunity to enrol their child in a comprehensive Islamic Studies program that is unlikely to be available for them through traditional methods.

Comprehensive Package

eTaalib’s Comprehensive Package provides Muslim primary school aged students with a well rounded educational experience.

Our comprehensive package incorporates our Islamic Studies Curriculum, which ensures that learners on the eTaalib platform acquire knowledge around the core Islamic concepts and beliefs.

Alongside the Islamic curriculum, our academic curriculum equips our learners with the core competencies expected of primary school children, as has been specified by the UK National Curriculum.

Build Your Own Package

If you would like more flexibility than our comprehensive package offers, we have just the thing for you. At eTaalib, we provide parents/guardians with full flexibility when constructing your child’s educational journey with our exclusive ‘build your own package’ option. 

This facility allows you to put together an educational curriculum that best caters for your child’s needs in the matter of minutes by following the simple steps detailed below:

How to build your own Package?

1. Select

Choose from our range of core and additional subjects and provide your child with a fully customised learning experience.

2. Select
Add Ons

Choose from our range of additional services and features by adding eTaalib Connect, Extra Curricular Activities or Tuition to your package.

3. Complete Registration

Complete the registration process by finalising your package details and payment options before checking out on our secure servers.

4. Welcome
to eTaalib!

You now have access to the eTaalib platform and your child’s educational journey with eTaalib is ready to begin.

First Step – Select Subjects

Core Subjects

In the first step of building your package, you are required to choose at least one of the core subject packages that have been listed below. The core subjects represent the core of our Islamic Studies and Academic Studies Curriculums.

Islamic Studies & Islamic History

£15 per month

Islamic Studies and Islamic History are the core subjects within our Islamic Curriculum. These subjects not only provide students with a firm grasp and understanding of the core tenets and beliefs that a Muslim must hold, but also ground them with the practical application of this knowledge through the lives of  the earlier Prophets (alayhim as salaam), the Prophet Muhammad (SallaAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam).and his companions (radi Allahu anhum).

English & Maths

£15 per month

English and Maths are the core subjects within our Academic Curriculum and provide students with core language and arithmetic skills that will not only support them through their educational journey, but will also be a key component of their daily lives in the future. It is anticipated that eTaalib’s learners will not only develop a solid grasp of the English language, but will also build functional maths skills that will help them in thinking analytically and enhance their ability to problem solve.

Additional Subjects

Qur’aan (Portal)

£7.50 per month

eTaalib’s Qur’aan Portal allows user to listen and read from the Mushaf, as well as allowing each student to send upto 2 recordings of their recitation per week, that will be responded to with colour coded tajweed corrections by our qualified (with ijaazah) Qur’aan tutors


£10 per month

The Arabic language is of great importance to Muslims, as it is the language of the Qur’aan. eTaalib’s learners will be guided through the process of learning this beautiful language by equipping them with the core vocabulary and language skills from an early age.


£7.50 per month

eTaalib students are introduced to the basic concepts found within Biology (Animals, Plants, etc.), Chemistry (Materials & their Properties, etc.) and Physics (Electricity, Light, etc.). By examining these subject areas, they can better understand the world around them.

Additional Core Subject

£10 per month

Select an additional core subject on a standalone basis. For example, If you had selected English and Maths as the core subject option above. You can then add Islamic Studies, as a standalone subject, as opposed to selecting both Islamic Studies & Islamic History.

Second Step – Select Add Ons

Extra Curricular Activities

£5 per month

Our extra-curricular activities have been designed to enhance the learning experience, with a plethora of activities. These include fun and engaging projects related to the academic and Islamic curriculums, indoor and outdoor activities to stimulate the young learner, an introduction to culinary skills that endorse a healthy lifestyle and many more interesting activities to ensure the learner is enjoying the learning experience.

eTaalib Connect

£5 per month

eTaalib Connect is our own dedicated communication channel that allows for communication between parent/guardian and/or student, with our subject specialist tutors.

By registering to eTaalib Connect, users have the opportunity to raise upto 15 questions/concerns per week around the learning materials on the platform to subject specialists.

eTaalib Connect +

£10 per month

eTaalib Connect + is an extension of the eTaalib Connect feature and allows parents/guardians to send unto 35 messages per week (as opposed to 15 with eTaalib Connect).
This an extremely vital tool for parents/guardians who may not be familiar with much of the course content and need additional support when homeschooling.

One to One Tuition

Our tuition services are available as an additional add on for those who have subscribed to either the Comprehensive Package or the Build Your Own Package. The tuition packages are offered in blocks of ten sessions, with a variety of different options.

eTaalib Platform Tutor

£100 per 10 sessions

An eTaalib Platform Tutor provides students with support on the content and learning materials that they are currently working through on the eTaalib platform. By taking up this tuition service, parents/guardians can ensure that their child’s progress on the platform is being monitored and that they are taking maximum benefit from the platform.

Subject Specific Tutor

£150 per 10 sessions

Subject Specific Tutors are similar to the traditional tutors that are commonly available. These tutors will identify areas where students need improvement in a particular subject and concentrate their efforts on improving the student’s understanding and ability in this area. They may use the content from the platform to provide this service, as well as some external content.

Qur’aan Tutor

£80 per 10 sessions

eTaalib’s Qur’aan Tutors all hold ijaazaat in the recitation of the Qur’aan. When taking this package in conjunction with the eTaalib Qur’aan Portal, tutors will be able to track a student’s progress outside of the tuition session itself and then maximise the time within the lesson to best assist eTaalib students in perfecting their recitation of the Qur’aan.

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