The eTaalib platform has been designed with so many great features. Have a look at some of them below!


Personalised Dashboards (Parent and Learner)

 eTaalib provides a personalised dashboard for each learner, as well as their parent/guardian.

The learner dashboard provides them with an overview of their daily academic tasks, as well as daily Islamic reminders to reinforce their connection with their creator.

The parent/guardian dashboard provides an overview of the performance of any children that they have registered on the platform.

Both of these dashboards also provide the users with a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface that helps them access the other features mentioned in this section.


eTaalib Performance & Progress Tracker


Monitor Completion Status

Track the overall completion status for the academic year, as well as for each individual unit by using our enhanced progress tracking software.


Monitor Quiz Performance

Observe performance in progress quizzes by monitoring overall marks, as well as average grades. This can be done by looking at the learner’s performance as a whole, or by carrying out a more detailed analysis of each subject and/or unit.


Subject-by-Subject Comparison

Compare overall performance on a subject-by-subject basis. This helps parents/guardians identify areas where the learner may need to put in extra work.

eTaalib Qur’aan Portal




The eTaalib Qur’aan portal has been uniquely designed to enhance the Qur’anic learning experience by providing each learner with their own Interactive Tajweed Mushaf.

The portal provides learners with the ability to:

  • Read & Listen to the Qur’aan from renowned reciters
  • Record their recitation
  • Communicate with their dedicated Quran tutor
  • Receive detailed feedback through voice corrections
  • Identify mistakes in their recitation via a colour-coded correction tracker

Animated Content

Our in-house animation team has created high quality animations and illustrations to help engage young learners consume educational content.

Our curriculum-based animation content is exclusively available to eTaalib subscribers and has been designed in a manner that is in accordance with Islamic beliefs.


Dedicated Tutors


All children who have registered on the eTaalib platform have the option to add dedicated tutors that will help guide them through the eTaalib curriculum. These tutors will either be subject specialists or platform tutors that will meet the needs of the learner based on the package they have selected.

Our tutors are highly qualified in their respective fields and have experience in facilitating learning using a scaffolded approach.

eTaalib Connect



 A dedicated communication channel that allows for:

  • communication between parent/guardian and their child’s dedicated tutors.
  • communication between the learner and each of their dedicated tutors.
  • raising concerns
  • submitting questions

eTaalib Schedule Planner

Manage the learner’s academic schedule using our custom designed Schedule Planner.


Live Online

The learner can partake in live interactive sessions with our subject specialists.



Interactive assessments that have been designed to maximise learner engagement and comprehension.



Thousands of custom designed curriculum based printable worksheets that allow learners to do engaging activities away from their screens.