Customised curriculums designed to enhance your child’s learning experience!

eTaalib provides our users with a customised curriculum that has been put together by seasoned academics and curriculum specialists, who have formulated the curriculum based on the needs of Muslim children. The eTaalib curriculum focuses primarily on ensuring that the learners acquire the core Islamic concepts and beliefs.

Alongside the Islamic curriculum, our academic curriculum equips our learners with the core competencies expected of primary school children, as has been specified by the UK National Curriculum.

Alongside traditional curricula, eTaalib also provides our users with a library of extra-curricular activities that promote approaches such as Montessori, who endorse the concept of learning through play.


Islamic Curriculum


eTaalib’s customised Islamic curriculum has been designed to give young learners a firm grasp on the fundamentals of Islam within a scaffolded learning model.

Learners are introduced to core aspects of their faith and Islamic History in an age appropriate manner, with more complex aspects being introduced at a later age.

eTaalib also places a strong emphasis on the learning of the correct recitation of the Qur’aan and facilitating ease in memorisation through the eTaalib Qur’aan Portal.

The Arabic language is one of the keys to a Muslim having a more comprehensive understanding of their religion and in particular the Qur’aanic text. Therefore, we at eTaalib have ensured that the learning of the Arabic language is a key part of our curriculum.



Create a connection with the book of Allah.


Islamic Studies

Form an understanding of the core Islamic beliefs & principles.


Islamic History

Dive into the lives of key figures and important events in Islamic History.


Arabic Language

Learn the language of the Qur’aan.

Academic Curriculum


 eTaalib’s customised academic curriculum has been aligned with the learning outcomes of the UK National Curriculum (Key Stages 1 and 2) for English, Maths and Science.

At eTaalib we have also adapted our curriculum to ensure that the material we cover is suitable for adherents of the Islamic faith. Thus, ensuring that learners are able to develop the fundamental academic knowledge they require without having to come across material which is contrary to their faith.




Develop a solid grasp of the English language and be able to express creativity through writing.



Build functional maths skills that will help the young learner in thinking analytically and enhance their ability to problem solve.



Introducing scientific concepts that aids the young learner in better understanding the world around them.

Extra-Curricular Activities


We at eTaalib have put a great emphasis on ensuring that learners are not restricted to traditional methods of learning. Therefore, our extra-curricular activities have been designed to enhance the learning experience by endorsing the Montessori approach of learning through activities and natural interests.

Our plethora of activities aids the parent/guardian in keeping the learner engaged through a variety of differing activity types. These include fun and engaging projects related to the academic and Islamic curriculums, indoor and outdoor activities to stimulate the young learner, an introduction to culinary skills that endorse a healthy lifestyle and many more interesting activities to ensure the learner is enjoying the learning experience.



Fun and engaging projects to keep children occupied with beneficial activities.



Indoor and outdoor activities to stimulate the young learner


Culinary Skills

An introduction to culinary skills that endorse a healthy lifestyle


& so much more

Many more interesting activities to ensure the learner is enjoying the learning experience.