Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

About eTaalib

What is eTaalib?

eTaalib is an online learning platform that enables Muslim children to learn the core academic subjects specified in western curriculums, alongside subjects that would enhance their Islamic studies.

The eTaalib platform also ensures that each child would be able to learn within a safe and secure environment, without there being any compromise in relation to their beliefs.

What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is the education of children in their home or place of residence, typically by their parents or guardians.

What are the advantages of enrolling my child on this platform?

There are many advantages of enrolling your child on the eTaalib platform, please refer to the Why eTaalib?’ section on the About page of our website.

What age groups can study on your platform?

The platform caters to what is commonly referred to as Years 1-6. However, children who are younger or older can still be enrolled onto the platform. We do not have any age restrictions.

Are online schools recognised by accreditation bodies?

Online schools do not currently fit the criteria for a recognised school. However, they fall under the home-schooling category in many countries and is a legal alternative to traditional brick and mortar schools.

Is this platform only for Muslim children?

The eTaalib platform has been designed with the Muslim child’s educational needs in mind. However, the platform welcomes children of all faiths and none to enrol.

Registering & Payment

How do I register my child on the eTaalib platform?

Please visit to register to the eTaalib platform.

Can I join from anywhere in the world or is this platform location specific?

The platform is not location specific and we welcome learners from across the globe to enrol on our platform.

Can I register multiple children on the platform?

Yes, you can register up to 6 children through our registration portal. If you would like to register more than 6 children, please contact us for further instructions.

What are the fees?

Our registration fees have been specified in the packages section of our website.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, we provide a facility for you to either pay a one-time annual fee or pay it over two instalments.

Can we register at any time of the year?

You are welcome to enrol on to eTaalib’s basic packages  at any time of the year. We offer a completely flexible enrolment process and are not restricted to the traditional academic calendar.

However, registration for our premium packages is restricted to the beginning of every academic year.

Are there any entry requirements or tests before registering my child?

We do not have any specific entry requirements or tests. However, you are welcome to contact us to identify the most suitable package for your child.

How soon after registering can we start accessing the platform?

You will be granted access to the platform immediately after registering.

Teaching & Learning

Who are the tutors used by eTaalib?

eTaalib tutors are all highly skilled and qualified educators in their respective fields that have multiple years of experience in the education sector.

Can my child have a dedicated tutor?

Yes. All children who have registered on the eTaalib platform have the option to add dedicated platform tutors or subject-specific tutors to their package and  extract maximum value from the platform.

Can I communicate with my child’s tutor(s)?

Yes. All children who have registered on the eTaalib platform have the option to add our custom designed communication channel (eTaalib Connect) to their package. eTaalib connect facilitates communication between both Parent/Guardian and Learner with the respective tutors.

What curricula are used on the eTaalib platform?

We at eTaalib have our own customised curriculum for Islamic and Academic studies, as well as Extra-Curricular activities. Please refer to our Curriculum page.

Will there be live lessons?

Live group sessions are only available to those who have registered to our premium packages (available at the beginning of every academic year).

Live one-to-sessions are available as an additional package to all users and these additional sessions can be purchased at any time during the year.

What happens if my child is unable to attend a live lesson?

If they are unable to attend a one to one session, this will be rearranged accordingly. As for group sessions, these lessons will be recorded, and the child will have access to the recorded lesson.

Will my child be assessed in any way?

The eTaalib platform incorporates a variety of assessments to ensure that the learner is comprehending the learning material. However, the concept of home-schooling necessitates that there is not the same rigidity that is found in traditional brick and mortar schools. This allows the child to develop at their own pace with greater flexibility and freedom.

How do I track my child’s progress and performance?

We at eTaalib have an inbuilt progress and performance tracker that all Parents/Guardians will have access to via their personalised dashboards. Please refer to the features section on our website for more information regarding this.

What about Exercise and Healthy Eating? I want my child to learn about this as well.

At eTaalib, we appreciate the importance of both Exercise and Healthy eating and have started to  incorporate the teaching of these life skills into our platform. We have included healthy eating recipes as part of our Extra Curricular Activities section in order to accustom young learners with this important habit from a young age. Additionally, we are in the process of designing Physical Education classes that will be conducted by highly skilled and experienced individuals in their respective fields. 


Are all the activities online based? I don’t want my child spending too much time in front of screens.

The core of our platform is online based. However, we have taken into consideration that children should avoid spending too much time in front of screens and for this reason, we have provided plenty of printable content alongside a library of extra-curricular activities that can be done away from the screen.

Do I need to purchase any books or other material?

No. You are not required to purchase anything external from the eTaalib platform.

However, we would recommend all users have access to a printer. 

Technical Information

Do I require any specific software to use the eTaalib platform?

No. You only need to have access to the internet through an Internet browser.

What software does the eTaalib platform use?

We do not use any external software. The eTaalib platform has been purpose built and the software has been developed specifically for consumers on our platform.

Do you have any technical recommendations for using the eTaalib Platform?

We recommend that all users are using a high-speed internet connection and the latest versions of their Internet browser for optimal performance on the eTaalib platform.

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