Welcome to eTaalib

Revolutionising the learning experience of Muslim Children worldwide.

A Fun and Engaging Platform for Young Muslim Children

Let your children thrive in their education in a safe and Islamic-Friendly environment.


The eTaalib platform has been designed with so many amazing features that will make the learning experience of every child who uses the platform engaging and enjoyable.


Animated Content

 Animated content that is engaging and Islamic-Friendly.



Personalised Dashboards

Both learner and parent have access to personalised dashboards.


Dedicated Tutors

Subject-specific tutors ensuring the child learns to the best of their ability.


eTaalib Qur’aan Portal

Our own custom-designed Qur’aan portal. 

eTaalib offers a revolutionary and unique service to primary school students to assist them in maximising their learning potential.
- Safe and Islamic Friendly Learning Environment.
- Customised Curriculum with Extensive Learning Resources.
- Purpose Built Software with a User Friendly Interface
- Highly Qualified & Experienced Team

The ethos at eTaalib is centred around inspiring the next generation of Muslim children to understand the importance of:
- acquiring beneficial knowledge
- adopting exemplary Islamic Morals and Etiquettes
- attaching themselves to the book of Allah
- developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills

The idea of homeschooling has gained a lot of traction with parents seeing their kids progressing at a much quicker rate than those in traditional schools.

Homeschooling affords many benefits, such as:
- Full control over learning material
- A personalised and concentrated learning experience
- Children can learn at their own pace, with no added pressure
- Controlled environment, protecting children from social ills (i.e. bullying)

As Muslims we are instructed to learn about our religion, in order to worship and obey our creator in the best manner. Moreover, Muslim parents in particular have an added responsibility in not only acquiring this knowledge themselves, but also imparting this to their children.

At eTaalib, we have identified that many parents need assistance with this great responsibility (educating the Muslim youth). Therefore, we aim to help support Muslim parents by providing them with high quality authenticated Islamic content that is fun and engaging, and will consequently enable their children to develop a thirst for Islamic Knowledge.

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