Ramadhan 100  

This Ramadhan (1442H), we were able to sponsor the education of 37 children.

Thank you for your contribution and may Allah accept it from everyone involved.

Ramadhan 100

37 Children Sponsored

Packages Sponsored:

Thank You!!

Thank you for your contribution towards this noble initiative. With Allah’s aid and your support, we have been able to sponsor the education of 37 children on the eTaalib platform.

Although this Ramadhan initiative has now ended, you can still sponsor a child’s education by clicking on the button below:

Sponsorship Packages


Choose from one of our sponsorship packages below and join us in our aim to provide a quality and Islamic-Friendly education to Muslim children around the world.


The academic studies package incorporates English, Maths and Science, as well as extra-curricular activities.


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The Islamic studies package consists of Islamic Studies, Islamic History and the Arabic Language, as well as providing access to the eTaalib Qur’aan Portal.

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Our Recommended Package

The comprehensive Package provides great value by offering a combination of all that is offered in the Academic Studies and Islamic Studies Packages.

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Can’t sponsor a whole package but still want to contribute?

Would you like to contribute a smaller amount? Start from as little as £10 and increase that amount to whatever you wish by increasing the quantity in your cart.

Share in the Reward


Why Sponsor a Child on the eTaalib Platform? 

For many of us, access to a high quality education is something that we may take for granted. However, unfortunately the reality for many children around the world is that education is a luxury and not a right. 

Furthermore, we find that even those who come from ‘developed countries’ are often not afforded the opportunity to study in an environment that takes into consideration their needs as a Muslim. If we look at the UK as an example, the average cost of a private Islamic school in London is approximately £4,000 per year. If a family had 3 children, it would be very difficult for them to afford £12,000 a year for their children’s education. Therefore, they would either need to compromise and send their children to state schools or they could opt to independently homeschool their children.

For many parents, homeschooling is not currently a viable option, as they themselves have limited academic backgrounds and/or experience. Consequently, even if they attempted to homeschool their children, the quality of the education would be compromised.   

By sponsoring a child’s education on the eTaalib platform, you will be a means of them having access to a high quality of education, without compromising their beliefs as a Muslim. Additionaly, not only will you be able to see the fruits of your sponsorship through the child’s educational progress, but as Muslims we are also conscious that any good deeds that we perform in this life will enable us to receive a much greater reward in the hereafter.

With Allah’s permission, we hope that your sponsorship will be a means for the sponsored children to attain beneficial knowledge that will benefit them in both this life and the next, in shaa Allah. 

The Prophet Muhammed (SallaAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam) mentioned to us in an authentic narration that:

Whoever calls to guidance will have a reward similar to those who follow him, without detracting from their rewards at all…”

And we hope and anticipate from Allah, The Most High, that he rewards each and every sponsor for the good deeds carried out by the children who have been sponsored and subsequently learnt beneficial knowledge and acted upon it on our platform. Whether that be for every wudhu they make, every salaah they pray or any good deed they carry out with Allah’s permission. 

What is eTaalib?

eTaalib is an online learning platform that enables Muslim children to learn the core secular subjects specified in western curriculums, alongside subjects that would enhance their Islamic studies.

The eTaalib platform also ensures that each child would be able to learn within a safe and secure environment, without there being any compromise in relation to their beliefs.

How do I sponsor a child?

You can sponsor a child by choosing from the packages below and selecting how many children you wish to sponsor. 

You can then ‘Add to cart’ and proceed to the checkout page and complete your sponsorship request.

Currently, we are accepting payment by credit/debit card and Bank Transfer.

If you would like to pay via a different payment method, please contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ page. 


When will the sponsored child begin learning?

The sponsorship period will commence within 90 days of us receiving your sponsorship request and payment.

How long does a sponsorship package last for?

The sponsorship term lasts one full calendar year. So if the child started learning at the beginning of August, they will have access until the end of July the following year.

How do you identify children who will be sponsored?

We identify children who are eligible for sponsorship through a network of contacts who serve Muslims in deprived areas around the world. 

Additionally, we will be allowing Muslim families from low-income households to request sponsorship for their children, providing they pass our strict vetting process.

This process will ensure these families genuinely cannot afford our packages and have limited access to quality, Islamic-Friendly educational material.

Can I choose which children I would like to sponsor?

We have the facility for a sponsor to request which children will be granted access to our platform. However, this facility is only available to those who have sponsored 10 or more children. 

By providing this facility, it allows a sponsor to personally identify children who they believe are eligible for sponsorship, whether that be in their local area or country of origin.

Why is the price of a sponsorship package less than what you charge for a normal package on your website?

That’s a very good question. The reason is there are many children who come from backgrounds where they simply cannot afford a quality education or their parents have to put them into state schools, as they have no other access to schooling. Therefore, we wanted to make the sponsorship packages as attractive as possible to potential sponsors, so that we can benefit as many children as possible.

What’s included in our Sponsorship Packages?


Our sponsorship packages provide learners access to eTaalib’s full range of features. For more information about these amazing features, you can visit our dedicated features page by clicking here.

Comparison Table


Please find below a detailed comparison table looking at the different Sponsorship Packages that we offer.

Academic Studies
Islamic Studies
Personalised Dashboards (Parent and Learner)
eTaalib Schedule Planner
Printable Worksheets
Interactive Assessments
Animated Videos
eTaalib Qur’aan Portal
eTaalib Customised Islamic Studies Curriculum
eTaalib Customised Islamic History Curriculum
eTaalib Customised Arabic Language Curriculum
eTaalib Customised English Curriculum
eTaalib Customised Maths Curriculum
eTaalib Customised Science Curriculum
eTaalib Extra-Curricular Activities
eTaalib Connect
eTaalib Performance & Progress Tracker
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